Ways to Improve your Spoken English

Ways to Improve your Spoken English

We all had been looking out for ways that can improve our English. Isn’t it?

English is no more just a language in today’s time. It has become an epitome of personality that defines an individual’s confidence. In fact, most of the big companies in India are preferring employees that have a good grasp on the English language that can further represent the brand on their behalf.  

In fact, it is suggested that one of the best ways to improve one’s English is to have proper communication with a native speaker. But not everyone has this option.

So the question arises, what if you don’t have anyone to communicate? What if you don’t have enough time to improve your grasp on this language? What if you lack the confidence to approach a speaker in order to initiate the conversation?

Bloggers Globe highlights some ways that can help a person improve his/her spoken English without anyone’s support.

#1 Starts Thinking in English

Inability to think in English is one common issue of people having problem with their spoken English. Most of us have the habit of thinking in our native language and then translating it into English. This is where things get complicated. Instead of this, make a habit of thinking in English itself that will save time for translating sentences into English, eventually improving your communication.

#2 Talk to Yourself

This is one method that can be implemented, anywhere, any time. Try to think or recall everything that happened to you on a particular day. It is said that going through English dictionaries often could ease up the learning process. Remember that when you start thinking in English, it becomes easy for you to speak in English.

#3 Focus on Fluency, not Grammar

Fluency in English matters a lot. There are times when we speak in English but often stop or take pauses while completing the sentences. It is said that the more a person stops, the less confidence he/she becomes. That is why improving fluency while speaking English is a must. You can speak in front of a mirror making sure you didn’t pause anywhere till the sentence is complete.


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