Eat, Walk, Work, Repeat...

Eat, Walk, Work, Repeat...

 We are trapped in the constant cycle of social media apps revolving around our daily lives. More than making our lives easy, the unlimited options are time consuming and confusing as well, which is why people end up spending unnecessary time over social media and hamper their health.

To keep your health fit throughout the day, the new mantra is eat, walk, work, repeat. And do not forget that, 60% of the adult human body is water so don’t ignore, keep yourself 100% Hydrated!!

  1. Start your mornings with warm lemon water, It’s helps in flushing out toxins from our body and improve digestion
  2. “Sitting is our generation's smoking” Take walking meetings and phone calls. Make sure to take small walks during breaks or quick discussions. 
  3. Start your day with kick off breakfast – Cereals, whole grain cereals and breads, ground flax and chia and protein rich foods like nuts, seeds, organic cow's milk and yogurt. 
  4. Mid-morning (1-2 hours away from lunch) snacks can ideally include a bowl of fruits, handful of Nuts, buttermilk, Makhaane, Cut vegetables, and Banana smoothie. 
  5. It is recommended to drink room temperature water 20 minutes before or 60 minutes after the meals in order to facilitate smooth digestion. 
  6. Replace Snacks with Fruits-  Don’t gather JUNK, carry a fruit and salad bowl along with you it will not only save you from extra calories will help saving you some money J 
  7. Switch to Healthy Caffeine- Move to Green or Herbal tea 
  8. Don’t go without eating more than 3 hrs.  

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