Eat For The Body You Want Not The Body You Have

Eat For The Body You Want Not The Body You Have

The youth today is much more aware of their health and are very much inclined towards making the right choices, yet they fall into the weekend traps of drinking till late night and spoiling their health for that one addiction.

Your body is made up of all the things that you let it have; it is the inside that makes the outer appearance.

Here is the list of 8 things you can add in order to keep your outer body look fit, healthy and glowing:

  1. Start your day with Luke warm lemon water, Fruits like lemon, Orange citrus fruit contains Vitamin C. Vitamin Calso assists with the absorption of iron and vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health.
  2. Strawberries are a juicy, red fruit with a high water content. The seeds provide plenty of dietary fiber per serving. Strawberries contain many healthful vitamins and minerals. Strawberries and other colorful berries also contain a flavonoid called quercetin. This is a natural anti-inflammatory compound.
  3. Apples make a quick and easy addition to the diet. Eat them with the skin on for the greatest health benefits. Apples are high-fiber fruits, meaning that eating them could boost heart health and promote weight loss.
  4. Many people consider pomegranates to be a 'super food.' They are high in antioxidants and polyphenols, which help to combat the oxidative stress that can cause disease in the body. Eat pomegranates with the seeds to get the fiber benefits. vitamin K-This vitamin is essential for strong bones and healthy blood cells
  5. Pineapples contain manganese, which the body uses to build bone and tissue. Pineapple is an exotic fruit that may help reduce inflammation and promote healthy tissue growth.
  6. Bananas are well known for their high potassium content. Potassium helps the body control heart rate, blood pressure and good source of energy.
  7. Biotin helps your body to convert food into energy having healthy amounts of biotin is associated with having glossy hair, glowing skin, and sturdy nails. Eggs, Almonds, cauliflower, Mushrooms, Spinach are rich source of biotin.
  8. Vitamin B12 coordinates the performance of the mind and muscle tissue for more efficient muscle building. Fish is excellent sources of vitamin B12. Poultry and eggs, Milk and milk products are good sources of vitamin B12.

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