Messy Girl! You Gotta Stand Tall!

Messy Girl! You Gotta Stand Tall!

I offered half my life time,

For a handful of money,

Which even if I squeeze myself into half,

Won’t fit in the coat, not even in the scarf!

What is it that I am running after?

The life, time & money is always short,

Indirectly I only suffer.

Dreams have stopped coming back to my eyes,

The tired body is unable to tame the tired mind.

The constant buzzing has shut the inner voice.

Is it worth the uncertain future that I chase?

Or am I stuck in an invisible race?


Some days are exhausting than the others,

Some days I forget which one to call better.

With dreams tucked on my eyelids

And a pinch of courage beneath my wings,

I had pushed the wind and the earth,

Keeping eyes on the sky, I took that plunge.


The gravity is a funny thing,

Takes revenge like it’s no one’s business,

It toppled me and then threw harder on the ground

I tore some muscles and broke some bones.


I hear me saying every day when I fall,

Messy Girl! You got to stand Tall!

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