Myths About Smoking That Needs Some Attention

Myths About Smoking That Needs Some Attention

Two out of every three people must have tried smoking at least once in their entire life. Though, the reason for trying it can vary from person to person. Some might have tried smoking due to peer pressure while others might have found themselves smoking due to depression or any other circumstances. Do you really think smoking a cigarette can really take you away or help in combating depression? Well, the answer is very loud and clear which is, 'NO'. 

There is a high chance that you might be having a burnt cigarette placed in between your hand while you are reading this article. You can start to smoke because of infinite reasons, but it's high time to understand that getting away from this addiction is not easy. As a matter of fact, cigarette smoking is perhaps one of those things that don't even provide a single benefit to its consumers. So, why smoke and ruin your life in a hazardous manner?

Today, Bloggers Globe will try to pen down some weird myths about smoking that you might have encountered in your life. Let's have a look at them together. 

Myth 1: Smoking Releases Stress  

Believing that smoking releases stress is perhaps among the major myths that smokers tend to believe in. You might have seen or been doing it yourself, taking out a cigarette, lighting it up and feeling that the cigarette is working as a stress reducer for you. For your kind of information, it's a dumb myth that needs to be dealt with. Rather than eradicating stress, cigarette only harms your body. If you don't believe it, consult an ex-smoker or a professional who can guide you on the right path. 

Myth 2: Girls Like Smokers

Such kind of people definitely comes from a different planet who think that girls get attracted to boys/men who smoke. Like seriously? We can't tell you about girls liking you for your smoke addiction, but they are certainly irritated but never claims in front of you. After all, it's your own life. Make it or break it. Any smoker who had been into a relationship can easily relate to a situation where their partners had advised them to either quit or reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke up on a daily basis. After seeing no change, they must have stopped advising you while they continue to love you like hell. So, stop thinking that girls like boys/men who smoke. 

Myth 3: Cigarettes Make You Poop

To all the smokers out there, do you really think smoking acts as a catalyst for making you poop? If yes, then probably we have nothing to say to you rather than letting you know that it's a myth that needs to be addressed. Cigarettes are never responsible for making you poop in any manner. It's all inside your head that's causing you to believe this. Cigarettes can never be responsible for such sort of things. So, the next time you see anyone burning a cigarette before going to poop, let them know about the real fact behind this.

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